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Royalroom are premium quality professional tents to grow plants indoors. Royalroom tents from CLASSIC series are made from ecological thick material Mylar 600D, which reflect up to 95% of light. Thick material helps to prevents the penetration of odor as well as provides 100% light proofness. Furthermore, you can wash your tent, in order to preserve the freshness of the grow environment. Metal 19mm frame, wide ceiling and reinforced steel connectors allow the hanging of heavy equipment like lights and ventilation system.


left side: 3x 200mm, 2x passive
right side: 3x 200mm, 2x passive
back: 4x 100mm, 2x passive
top: 2x 200mm, 1x 100mm


Tent C200 were made from very durable material Mylar 600D


Bearing capacity

C200 tent has bearing capacity at 160kg



C200 tent has strong and durable zip



The material used in the tent C200 is 100% washable


Eco Material

The material used in the tent C200 is 100% ECO hence is safe for plants and the environment.

Assembling instruction:

Data sheet

Height (cm) 200
Width (cm) 200
Depth (cm) 200
Material thickness (mm) 600D
Tubes thickness (mm) 19
Volume (m³) 8
Surface area (m²) 4
Inputs number 5
Cross-ceiling number 8
Plants maximum capacity 30
Anzahl der Kartons 1


Below you will find the graphic step-by-step instruction of assembling your Royalroom tent. Installation requires no tools and can be done by one person. You can assemble your grow room easily with minimum effort.


Assemble the base

Connect the pipes according to the description in the manual.


Fit the frame material

Prepare the material, open all side walls. Fit frame into the base of the tent.


Build the upper part of the tent

Stretch material on top of the tent


Close all doors

Congratulations your tent is assembled and ready to use

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