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    RoyalRoom grow tents

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  • Tents from the series


    Tents from the HIGH series have been specially designed to support growers that loves tall plants (over 2 meters high). Well thought design and good quality construction provides stability even when heavy equipment is installed.

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  • Tents from the series


    Growboxes from the classic series are the most popular choice among growers. These tents are a pefect selection for those who search for both quality and good price.

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Thickest material MYLAR 1680D

The thickest material available on the market Mylar 1680D provides stability and security of your secret harvest.

Light reflection up to 95%

MYLAR used in Royal tents ensures 95% light reflection

100% light tight

Premium materials ensure 100% of light proof for your grow room, no matter what kind of lighting you are using.

Low odor permeability

Thick material used in all of our tents permeable low odor outside of your grow area.

Reinforced steel connectors

Steel connectors with additional support ensure that the RoyalRoom tents are durable and stable.

Washable material

The material used in the RoyalRoom tents is washable, keep your grow room fresh!

Non-toxic eco-material

RoyalRoom tents are made of ecological materials that meet the demanding SGS quality standards

Additional floor

The additional MYLAR-made floor maintains the cleanliness of the tent, and protects against flooding

Additional material at the edges

The edges are protected by an additional layer of material. You can repeatedly folded out your tent!

Stable construction

Frame 19mm and 22mm provides high load-bearing capacity of the structure. Hang heavy equipment without any

Easy to assemble

Assemble RoyalRoom in several minutes, without any tools!

Height 2,5m

Series High enable you to grow plants that are higher than 200 cm! Now you can grow bigger !

A large number of vents

Convenient location of the vent-holes provides a comfortable ventilation set-up.

Double pullers on vent-holes

Double pullers allow tight ventilation of the RoyalRoom rooms.

Strong and thick zipper

A specially designed zipper guarantees 100% light-tightness of the tent, and comfort of opening / folding.

Velcro Windows

Velcro windows allow passive ventilation in your grow room.

Support belts

Each RoyalRoom tent has double mounting straps that allow easy installation of ventilation devices

36 month warranty

Each offered tent is covered by a 36 month warranty!

Multi side access

All tents were equipped with multi entrances. Such design provide the grower eazy access to his plants

Cooltube friendly

All tents have specially designed cool tube friendly vents holes which provide eazy mounting of the cooltube

Growbox tents for growing plants

The RoyalRoom brand has for years been selling specialist equipment for growing plants indoors. After years of gaining experience in sales, RoyalRoom can be proud of its excellent reputation and trust. RoyalRoom offers extended guarantee for all products. Therefore, even the most demanding customer will enjoy quality and good pricing.

Efficient growing conditions in RoyalRoom growboxes

All growboxes offered by RoyalRoom are top quality tents for growing plants indoors. They are made with care, out of best materials. RoyalRoom offer serves both professional growers and those who are just starting their adventure with growing plants at home. Growboxes are equipped with a stable frame and made of durable material, ensuring the plants grown inside stable and optimal conditions for growth and blooming. Moreover well distributed vent-holes allow you to mount cool tubes, ventilation systems with carbon filters and many more.

Highest quality

While going deeper into the subject of home plant cultivation, you may be mistakenly convinced that a specialist growbox can be made by yourself. Nothing could be more wrong.rnCutting pipes and sewing material precisely is a very hard task, without specialist equipment it is not possible.rnReady-to-assemble growboxes offered by RoyalRoom are prepared for easy mount. Even one person can handle the assembly process. RoyalRoom tents are made of the highest quality material, durable, reflecting light in 95%, completely light-tight and odor-proof. The whole tent is built on a stable structure (frame), and reinforced connectors. The floor, ventilation openings and a zipper that allows you to get inside the tent are also properly secured. All this allows easier, more comfortable and hassle-free use of our growboxes.